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Flying The Flag Proudly

Flying The Flag Proudly

First act is entitled Pride Show. Marnie has gone mad with latex colour for this performance.


Marnie Scarlet presents a riot of colour, in a costume based on the Pride Progress Flag. This shows calls for everyone to be proud and stand together, no matter what your sexuality.

Really fitting then that Marnie combines cabaret with drag, gender bending, circus and burlesque, also throwing elements of fetish and performance art into the mix.

Aa a drag king she embraces humour and the twists in sexuality, with elements of comedy in her shows. As well having fantasy and clowning aspects to her acts.

Marnie will perform two separate shows for us, the first at 10pm and the second at 10.30pm…so keep our seats folks, as it’s a very quick outfit change!

Show number one is entitled Pride Show.

Photo by Peter Diablow.

There are cabaret tables and chairs in front of the stage and a small dance for wriggling about to house music, just before and after the shows. Atmospheric music will play for the first few hours as folks are arriving.

Please arrive as early as you can, we want you all to enjoy maximum time in your latex attire…dress to impress.

There is a cloakroom for coats and bags, and the drawing room upstairs is where you can get changed, but come early for that! Not in the toilets please, they are way to small.

Drinks may be purchase from the pay bar and smoking is outside in the private enchanted walled-garden.

The address of the venue is given at the time of purchase. Please do not post the address online.

Miss Kim 💋 and Master Drake 🎩