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Sinful Floggers Prizes

Sinful Floggers Prizes

We have not one, but two Sinful Floggers Prizes. They will go to the best dressed male and the most creative female on Saturday, February 29th – Valentine’s Leap at Simon Drake’s House of Magic in Kennington, London.

Remember it’s Valentine’s, so wear red, hearts, lips, devils horns etc. These will be the first to be considered for the prizes!

The most important thing about these floggers are they are RUBBER. Sinful Floggers will also custom make in any combination of colours or length.

There are only a few tickets left so be sure to get yours now! Tickets.

Rubber Cult lovers event is Feb 29th…doesn’t it make your heart leap?

Enchanted Garden Smoking and cooling-off area.

Electrifying Violet Wand from Master Somers.

The Future.

Return of the Cult.

History – Facts!

Miss Kim x