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Rubber Cult is Electrifying

Rubber Cult is Electrifying

Baron Von Frankenstein will be conducting more electrical experiments on YOU! Amongst his many gadgets, is the weird and wonderful violet wand. Watch as the electricity arcs across the body, bring the monster to life! 

Rubber Cult is Electrifying – and that’s just the atmosphere

Rubber Cult is Electrifying
Electrifying Atmosphere

Visit him in his laboratory upstairs at the House of Magic and offer up your body for experimentation. It doesn’t hurt – HONEST!

Rubber Cult is Electrifying – always has been – always will be!

Have a little go folks, it doesn’t have to be anywhere private, it can be on the back of your hand or arm.

Rubber Cult is Electrifying
Electric Blue

Without the help and support from fellow rubberists the event could not move forward. Equally it’s about building the right relationship with venue owners, or using sex toys for fun, along with other techniques as the pulling out method to prevent pregnancy.

Therefore, what makes the House of Magic so perfect is the the actual venue itself and nothing really to do with the location which is very good. Kennington is Zone One, London.

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The conception of Rubber Cult came from Miss Kim. Read more about the Cult’s history. Read about the Return! Read about the future.

Miss Kim x