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The Future of Rubber Cult

The Future

The future Rubber Cult moving forward is a new permanent home in Kennington, South London close to 24 hour Kennington tube on the Northern line.

This new site is a step in the right direction too for the future of Rubber Cult.

Full steam ahead for the future of Rubber Cult

The reason behind the domain name change is that is owned by my dear friend Jan P. Time to say thank you and give him it back. New domain name called for a fabulous new website. Please join the email address database and all the social media. See below.

Whilst ever Rubber Cult is at the House of Magic it’s a joint project with Master Drake. I have no intention of moving. This is the new permanent home. Both parties are very pleased with the 50/50 relationship.

The Future of Rubber Cult

House of Magic is a smaller venue than what Rubber Cult has been used to over the past seven years, however, we had three events at HofM over those years, we know it works and everyone loves it.

The House of Magic is fully committed to the future of Rubber Cult

Joint host Master Drake performs exclusively at his own London theatre ‘Simon Drake’s House of Magic’ on a monthly basis. It comes highly recommended. This is your opportunity to peer into his world…drop down the rabbit hole and experience the MAGIC. Whilst he will not perform magic for us, his amazing establishment is a pleasure to behold. 

Come and shakes hand with this special man but be careful, he may have something up his sleeve!

The Future of Rubber Cult
The Future of Rubber Cult – Master Drake

We are lucky enough to have a fully staffed and licensed bar from 7pm to 1am. We also have food available – Pizza – for those that like to be at the venue for the maximum amount of time.

The Future
The Future of Rubber Cult

The venue comes with it’s limitations. There is little to no back stage, so no fashion shows. However, we will have four rubber-inspired stage shows at each event.

The private, walled, Enchanted Garden is the perfect place for a smoke or a cool down.

The Future of Rubber Cult
The Future of Rubber Cult – Enchanted Garden

The vac bed and cube got sold when it was decided to close down. I had no idea Rubber Cult would start up again, or I wouldn’t have sold them. Saying that, it’s time to move on and come up with fabulous new ideas.

New ideas for the future of Rubber Cult

There will be two events a year; one close to Halloween and the other close to Valentine’s. The best two times of the year!

The Future
The Future of Rubber Cult – Drawing Room at the House of Magic

Due to my change of career and workload, the RC events will be a little less labour intensive. Phew ?

I’m so happy I’m able to bring Rubber Cult back to you. I’ve loved being a fetish club promoter for the last 24 years. Adore being a BDSM educator – However, I have now found another calling in life as a professional dominatrix. Miss Kim Rub is fully loaded and blazing a trail.

Thank you to Red Rub for the new website and Miss Graves for the new logo.

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The conception of Rubber Cult came from Miss Kim. Read more about the Cult’s history. Read about the Return! Read about the future.

Miss Kim x