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Best Dressed Prizes

Best Dressed Prizes

Two amazing prizes from Crulety Free Restraints; for the BEST female outfit and BEST male. James is also a Rubber Cult regular. Support his side hustle and visit his Etsy store.

Both will receive a collar, wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs and a hogtie strap on October 23rd 2021.

They are called Cruelty Free Restraints and can be purchased on Etsy. I also have a pair of heavy duty rubber wrist cuffs. I particulary like them as they have heavy duty roller buckles. Also a locking buckle. Plus locking posts. If you’re going to invest, they may as well be ‘all singing, all dancing’!

Collar on right

The hogtie is so strong not even Houdini would get out of it! My advice is to buy a heavy duty hogtie, as they take a lot of strain and punishment. The ones you can get from online sex shops are not good for purpose. They are OK for home users, who play occasionally, but not professional use. This one looks amazing.


As there are only a third of the usual numbers attending due to the restrictions, you have every chance of winning. Remember the theme is Haunted House 0 so dress to impress.

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