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Gas Mask Gang

Gas Mask Gang

After the success of the last gas mask gang gathering on stage at Rubber Cult, I have decided to bring it back for Saturday October 23rd 2021 at Simon Drake’s House of Magic.

Gas Mask Gang
Gas Mask Gang

The popularity of gas masks has increased and increased over recent years and we want to celebrate this with a group shot.

They come in lots of shapes and designs. Pinterest has lots.

Gas Mask Gang

Bring your favourite gas mask as we will be organising a fabulous group-photo in the cabaret room just before the shows!

Buy your tickets now as there are very few left!

Rubber Cult is for lovers and not haters on Feb 29th…dwant to join our rubber loving Cult?

Enchanted Garden Smoking and cooling-off area.

Electrifying Violet Wand from Master Somers.

The Future.

Return of the Cult. 

History – Facts! 

Miss Kim x