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Max Ryder Performs

Max Ryder Performs

Max Ryder Performs at Rubber Cult for the second time on Saturday, February 29th 2020. If you missed this excellent drag king the first time around dont miss it this time. He’s so hot, you will fall in love with him!

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There are only a few tickets left so be sure to get yours now! Tickets.

Rubber Cult lovers event is Feb 29th…a leap of the imagination!

The first show of the night from Max is called Gaston Gainz.

Max Ryder Performs
Max Ryder Performs – Gaston Gainz

The second act will be entitled rom Latex, With Love.

As usual with our shows at Simon Drake’s House of Magic, there will be a 20/30 minute interval between, so the two artist can get ready for their second coming!

A seasoned performer since 2016, Max is known for makeup transformations, drag with a message, an intricate story, something between between strange and serious. Over the years he’s performed in London, Brighton. In Blackpool a finalist in an online drag competition. Latex drag model for Exxess Latex on the Rubber Cult stage and twice at Avantgardista in Germany. Also latex drag model for rubber lable Rose Noir. Performed around America including Austin International Drag Festival Oct-Nov 2018.

Then came the horrific car crash in November 2018, and has spent the last 14 months recovering, to return to our stage this year. First time back on stage in Austin, Texas Nov 2019, headlining at Austin International Drag Festival.

This forthcoming performance at Rubber Cult will be the second UK performance since the accident.

Max Ryder Performs
Max Ryder Performs

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